The PS Group will give you the peace of mind knowing that work is performed in accordance with your physical and financial specifications for construction, placements, installations and repairs.

Our focus on greater efficiencies and objective quality control has resulted in millions of dollars of cost recoveries for our clients, from real revenue found to identification of sub-par work.

Auditing services include:

  • Inspections/Audits - The PS Group has the expertise to audit clients’ networks for equipment utilization, equipment identification and other auditing services. While inspecting your plant, our staff can complete other mandated maintenance and auditing tasks and even identify potential joint use opportunities so clients can pursue new revenue streams.
    The PS Group can even customize a package to include grounding and joint use attachment audits.
  • Permitting & Right-of-Way Agents - The PS Group’s engineers can produce drawings, complete requisitions and other associated documentation in order to obtain governing permits for facility placement on highway right-of-ways, railroads, public lands, and for crossing bodies of water.
  • Construction Audits - The PS Group will review utility engineering designs and confirm that the actual plant and facilities are built to specification.

The PS Group can handle long term or short-term projects as determined by the client’s needs and we can do it at rates considerably less than what it would cost to pay existing employees overtime.


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